a rundown of most of Levi’s published works,
with links hopefully intact

printed books

Lunar Flare (Argos)

electronic chapbooks


#Sponcon chopped and lineated via Twine.

Click a few links over here.



Something sweet, something sour.
Put up by the good folks over at

PDF download available here.



 designed by Dylan Lathrop 
and inspired by John Yau.

PDF download from here (right click; save as)

journals that have printed
Levi’s poems on electricity

New Orleans Review, 2021
Paintbucket, 2019
Videodame, Winter 2018
Heterotopias, Spring 2017
El Balazo Blog, Summer 2016
Wreck Park 02, Winter 2016
Window Cat Press, Summer 2015
Ozone Park Journal, Fall 2010
  (Appears that OPJ has gone and swept away the past,
  but the Wayback Machine has it here)

journals that have printed
Levi’s poems on paper

critical prose



Kill Screen
  (Kill Screen occasionally experiences, ahem,
difficulties. If the above link doesn’t work
an archive of PDFs can be found here)

Coldfront Song of the Week
THEthe poetry blog
Beard & Brush

poetry recorded by cameras

Broome St. Review Reading

Opus Vulgate, Poetry Film in Collaboration with Bianca Stone, Alina Gregorian, Paul Hlava, and Aaron Walker

Lunar Flare, 8mm Film/Poem/Sound Collage,
directed by Julie Buck

Death Driver, Short film in collaboration with Ryan Kuo