The review train keeps on rumbling through town. Switching tracks (but not metaphors), I've a couple new poetry reviews up over at THEthe poetry. First up is the latest chap from Brian Trimboli, a totally chill bro that you should let ice you sometime. Is it sad that to me "ice" pretty much only means "intrusion countermeasure electronics" now? Not sad. Glorious.

Anyways, Brian rules, and you can hear me gush about how awesome he is over here.

After that I took a look at Bend to It, the latest collection from Kevin Simmonds. Poetry everywhere!

Now time to play Titanfall, gleefully, obligatorily.
It's been a busy month of words about marginal things, culturally speaking. But since we play Boss Monster at least once, sometimes twice a week over at work since I got it, it's definitely something worth singing the praises of. So I sang them, over at Kill Screen, as I am wont to do.

I also played a bit of Strike Vector, a snazzy looking flying arena shooter that reminded me how low I am on all food chains. It's fair because it's true.

And maybe the promise of Spring is reinvigorating my desire to play guitar? Why worry, just play.

More words! Been playing a lot of games for Kill Screen, and some not for them, but they're the ones that pay me to write so whatever.

The Agents and Clusterfuck are both a blast to play. I highly recommend them to you, after you read my reviews.

The rain be drizzling today. Plans to meet up with Will Dowd later. Nature continues its cruel march towards the void.

I've been busy!

Over at Kill Screen, two new reviews for you. Neither are what I would call "flattering", more about effort than payoff I suppose. Couldn't really find many folks to do the Pathfinder game with me, not that I pestered that hard. DataJack was fun-ish, totally worth the download.

And some words on words! A pretty strong book that I was pressed upon to read, as you should.

A couple of weeks ago, after gorging on veggie tacos at the Taza chocolate factory for their Dia de los Muertos street fest, on what was the last great day to be outside, I went to a fancy place to play with some fancy things. Yesterday, Kill Screen published the words I wrote about that experience.

I didn't take any pictures so here's one of Lola.


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