I’d thought about writing a long-ish, Anne Carson-inspired piece on Netrunner probably since I started playing it so long ago. Specifically I was coming from her "The Albertine Workout" essay/poem; a temporally disconnected piece in numbered prose bits.

As a game Netrunner lends itself to this format, as it’s divvied up into cards and creates individual narratives through play. However, I choked for a long time just because it intimidated me. Then I was offered a chance to interview Lukas Litzsinger, the designer of the re-launch of the game through Fantasy Flight.

Lukas was very generous to chat through my stumbling and tech-addled nervousness. He gave me a lot of quality information, but it wasn’t exactly primed for the non-insider, as was to be expected. This seemed like the time to take a grand stab at the first of many Carson rip-off attempts.

It was a beast to wrangle. In the end I enjoyed it. The Netrunners on Reddit did not. I wasn’t surprised, but a little disappointed. Beyond that, I got some nice feedback, including a tweet from a game developer I greatly admire.

And then it kind of evaporated. So it goes. But maybe you’ll read it, and send me some constructive thoughts?